YouTube: Frequently Asked Questions (

How can I have videos from
- Just contact with us via email. We will send our clips to you.
Our email:

Why tada-entertainment don’t public your videos on this website?
- We don’t do that to avoid members make spam on Youtube. We will not send all our videos to you, you will only get 1-3 videos from us via email.

Can I use this clip in the YouTube partner program?
- Yes. Please use our clip to make money on YouTube. Just make sure contact us before you do it. Simple, simple.

Someone claimed that the clip is theirs; and they are running ads on my video!
Answer to this may be different due to the new policy from October 3, 2012.

- Not a question, but I get the idea. Several entities make it a habit of claiming our video. Always Contest This Claim or people who have no right to my music will profit from it.

How exactly do I do this? The choices at YouTube make no sense.
Answer to this may be different due to the new policy from October 3, 2012.

- Yeah, I’m aware. You need to choose this one:

(_) I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.

You do have a license from the proper rights holder (that is us). We recommend that you include a link to our clips as well so that content owners can hear what is causing the misidentification.

I did contest it and they still claim that they own it!
Answer to this may be different due to the new policy from October 3, 2012.

- Now there is a problem. Contact me right now. Like right now I need to know the:

Link to your video
Name of the entity claiming the clip
Name of the piece of clip from this site that you used
Name of the piece of clip they believe you used
Dates that you posted, contested, and were informed of the rejection

Do I have to use the Creative Commons license YouTube offers? Or can I use the standard Youtube license?

- You can use whatever you want. It is your content. As long as you fulfill the credits portion of my license, you can do whatever you want. YouTube’s licenses are not related to licenses offered on this site.

YouTube is asking me to provide proof of the ability to use music in a monitized setting… What do I need to do?

- You can also give YouTube our permit via email for you or address if they have any additional questions.